Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Next stop, Paris... CHERIE FM broadcast

That's it, after 5 dream days spent in NYC... it is time to get back on track... that of my book and Wii My Body Coach launch.

Today's meals are rather unusual because of this day's frantic racing around.

Breakfast: 3 croissants and an orange juice, yes I know, that is not classic LeBootCamp style!

2 hours accumulated walk

Lunch: 1 wild mushroom soup
Dinner: at the airport, a panini, just the filling, I ditched the bread + a handful chips with ketchup

I will make up for it tomorrow (no guilt, absolutely never! :)

In the airplane: 200 buttock squeezes + 100 nutcrackers

Middle of the night meal on board: little couscous salad with shrimps + chicken and vegetables (I systematically turn down the bread offered, I am sitting down for a while, remember) + yogurt and little brownie (really not a balanced meal, I have to speak to AIR FRANCE and make a few suggestions)

Upon arrival, after a rather uncomfortable flight (a lot of turbulence), breakfast: 1 cup tea with stevia + 1 brioche and another plain yogurt... I think I have really filled up on dairy now! I pass on their sugar loaded orange juice made of concentrate.

At lunchtime I am too jet lagged to eat anything. I just sip a home made fruit juice and nibble a banana.
After a little nap, I head for the CHERIE FM radio studios to record a series that will broadcast on Friday 23rd from 6am to 9am. Another great experience.

Green tea dinner: 1 slice of bread with hummus + 1 piece of roast chicken with mixed vegetables + a few grapes

Off to bed coachie!

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