Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The new Wii My Body Coach trailer is out

Yes, in English too :)

A lovely day spend in the world of silence as I am not allowed to speak :) its not so bad after all and I realise that we often open our mouths with little or nothing to say... at least I do :)

Breakfast: home made smoothie, and that's it as I am not allowed to chew anything either

1h accumulated walk
2 mn pelvic floor

Lunch: a Huarache (a Mexican kind of corn pancake) topped with black bean puree + melted cheese and salad, easy to eat + a few fries softened in the sauce + a Splenda diet coke.

Some great views of San Francisco: the new Jewish museum paradoxically erected against a church... and the MoMA seen from an unusual angle.

No snack instead, a massage by Alejandro's hands of gold

Plenty of water to flush out the toxins generated by pain

20 lunges
20 triceps dips
30 lunges
20 triceps dips
100 abs on the killer abs lounge

Dinner: a home made smoothie

40 minutes passive muscle toning

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