Monday, October 5, 2009

A "classic" coach's day :)

Upon rising: Rooibos tea + freshly squeezed lemon juice in room temperature water

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach

Breakfast: 10 teriaky almonds + a small bunch of grapes + 1 biscotti at Starbucks

40 minutes walk on the telephone

Lunch: 1 pupusa + 1 pear + bunch grapes

little nap:)

1h walk
40 minutes walk

Snack: pupusa (that's what they look like on the picture above, I am frequently asked what they are so, here they are :) + pear + grapes

Dinner: aperitif: raw onion crackers with hammarama (a new dish soon in LeBootCamp); meal: a small salad of rustic + buffalo burger/grilled onions + grapes

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