Friday, October 2, 2009

Meeting with a FaceBook fan in SF + a nearly totally restful week-end

Pleasant Friday spent in SF with Anissa hunting for the perfect outfit... breakfast was limited because of back to back meetings all morning and I had no time to sit down for a proper breakfast before the big meeting...
30 minutes walk on killer heels
Lunch at La Rotonde... yum... they call this a "sandwich"... a lobster sandwich... to call this a sandwich is a bit reducing... we have an excellent lunch with a view on Union Square.

Meeting with Julien, a FaceBook fan... on the search for his next career is doing some around the world traveling before deciding. Very enjoyable meet!

No snack...

30 minutes walk
Surprise dinner for Cathy's birthday! a few sushis, some pita bread with hummus and a slice of apple pie for desert... all accompanied by water only for the coach who is feeling a nasty cold coming on and is ready for a fight!

1h (at least!) dancing wildly :)

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