Friday, October 23, 2009

Paris under grey sky, sidestepping bugs and viruses :)

I get up after a restless night, hello jet lag, I restore myself with some green tea, fresh lemon juice in room temperature water, more tea and 30 minutes walk on an empty stomach.

Only fruit for breakfast, to boost my immune system with Vitamins straight from nature: fresh almonds, 1 banana and some strawberries.

30 minutes walk on the phone with Direct8 to prepare for next Wednesday's show

100 floor abs
20 press ups
30 lunges

Lunch: grilled turkey breast + Puy lentils a few grapes and a clementine.

1h30 accumulated walk

Snack: I taste 3 sugar free cookies (for diabetics) and I must admit that they taste rather nice.

I prepare for the SUD RADIO 8 pm radio program...

20 45 degree press ups on the kitchen counter

Light dinner because of the jet lag: home made soup (yummy) + 1 clementine.

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  1. love your blog Val....keep it lightens my days :-)