Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am mute - a coach without speech that's like...

you can finish the sentence :)

Breakfast on the go between two meetings:
A Luna whole nutrition bar for women (195 calories for those who like to count) + 1 banana for the Potassium

1 hour walk

Lunch equally on the go, in a basement, what a day... 1 huge romaine lettuce salad with tuna, feta and tzadziki sauce

15 minutes walk

No snack... but visit to the doctor, my jaw has been very painful for several days... verdict: ligament and muscle tear, hydarthrose... in short that's what happens to some coaches that like to box!
The best remedy: silence...it is by far one of the hardest cure for me but I have to listen to the expert! no solids allowed, no yawing, no chewing gum... and the toughest: no talking!!

Dinner: 1 large home made smoothie + 1 lime soya yogurt

40 minutes passive abs toning.

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