Friday, October 9, 2009

Back to LA for interviews and Black Party

After a good night sleep I head for the airport...

1 hour walk all together and nothing else, I am going from taxi, to taxi and from interview, to interview in the hotel, then from hairdresser to make up and then it's time for the party :)

Breakfast: home made fruit juice for a good start to the day, then in the airplane, I can's resist the little brioche, cf. photo :)

I spend the flight accompanied by Ruben Fleischer the director of Zombieland a "zombiesque" comedy
number one at the box office here

Lunch at Champagne on Santa Monica Boulevard. The portions are reasonable and the mini desert are ideal for some light pleasure!
I have: a tomato and basil soup + a
large chunk of baguette bread and for pudding with my tea, a coconut macaroon and a mini pudding

Snack during hair and makeup: guacamole and chips softened in the guacamole because my jaw is still killing me :)

Soiree: many great pictures for you, I was with some really delightful people, tall and small... everyone in black. I am wearing black and roll couture, a style I am really considering adopting!

I don't really pick at anything other than some mi-cui tuna, so once back in my room I wolf down 2 packet of crisps (400 calories, if you really have to know ;)

Most of the pictures of this party can be found on my FaceBook Fan Page. On these ones I am with DJ Mbenga from the Lakers, Abel Xavier from Galaxy and super Regis from AG Rock of course.

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