Sunday, October 25, 2009

Boot.Meeting in ANGERS (France) - Quernons and marvelous energy coaching

What a day... a fair amount of traveling but the results match expectations.

I meet the Angevin Boot.Campers with great excitement! They are fewer than anticipated, the flu and various other bugs have struck down even some of the most enthusiastic.

Breakfast in the train: 1 raw bar + 1 banana and a green tea (yes the SNCF does serve green tea)

We join up with Annie, Angelique and Marianne who have organized the day masterfully. I arrive with Cricri who travelled from Paris with me... we dash to the other side of the square to meet up with Sarah, a gorgeous Boot.Camper whom after just one month is already 3kg lighter. Congratulations!

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach before a classic LeBootCamp lunch at the Auberge Du Logis inside the chateau: smoked salmon, green salad, fouasse (a small flat bread that is sliced filled, a bit like pita), little white beans... and for pudding, no cakes, no but a fruit salad instead.

During the meal, Marianne shows us pictures of herself and her husband before and after LeBootCamp... WOW, IMPRESSIVE!!! LeBootCamp works very well on men, there was never any doubt and here we have a perfect photographic proof (and later on in the flesh).
After restoring ourselves we go off for a 2 hour treasure hunt around Angers' old town: 60 questions, places to find, pictures to recognise... therefore 2 hours of walk!

On the way, we nibble a few Quernons, a local speciality (very very nice: made of nougatine covered in slate colored chocolate)

For snacks, we sample some of Marianne's raw creations: dried banana, dried mango, almonds... and green tea (ok, ok, I own up) and a few Quernons the very toughtfull Marianne offered us.

Then it is time for the presentation and book signing at Angers' English-speaking library. I am pleasantly surprised at the number of people who turn up despite the rain and it being Sunday evening! The discussion and the Q&A are interesting and stimulating. I finish off with the "Secrets de Coach" book signing.

I skip the champagne and fruit juices but enjoy a few of Marianne's delicious canapes.

Cricri and I run to to the station by fear of missing our train back to the capital. As a result we are 20 minutes early and have plenty of time to settle in to our seats.

30 minutes very fast (jogging) walk accumulated in addition throughout the day

In the train, we can't resist and eat a few more tempting Quernons :)

Dinner: a home made soup + 2 clementines

100 brazilian moves

Off to bed! (very late)

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