Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boston Boot.Meeting

A great day lies ahead.

After a very early start at 4h15 am, here we are at 33,000 feet flying to Boston (only 36 minutes flight) for a Boot.Meeting put together by Corinne a local boot.camper. A true American despite her very Gallic name (She doesn't speak the language but has some French heritage :)

She is an absolute darling and comes to pick me and my son up from the airport.
We head straight for Legal Seafood in Prudential, in the centre of Boston, to meet the other bootcampers and share a seafood lunch together: 1 small bowl lobster bisque + bouillabaisse for me + 1 small bread roll + 1 profiterole (and no more, American portions are impressive)

1 hour walk visiting the old town, and it is just like I remember it when I was a student here. Robin is our guide and she keeps us moving at good pace during our visit of the town.

After that Corinne very kindly invites us for dinner at her house, a beautiful American home 40km away from the centre, in a forest that reminds me of Salem.
After that we are off to the airport on our way to Washington!

It was a VERY long day, but a great one spent with my son and some energizing bootcampers :)

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