Thursday, April 22, 2010

Firm glutes with Femme Actuelle & LeBootCamp exercises

Check me out on Femme Actuelle on how to work your glutes effortlessly :)

I leave you to discover how to get a beautiful butt in this video, so that you look great in your bikini this summer!

A beautiful day under the spring sun...delicious!
Got up very early because I just had to finish reading the chapter I was in middle of :)

Breakfast: freshly squeezed lemon with room-temperature water + honeybush tea + vitain sachet + marinated mushrooms (yes, I had it yesterday evening - I am a fan;) + scrambled tofu

1 hr walk with Nestle to go grocery shopping (yup, all by foot as opposed to car so that I make a contribution to our environment!)

Lunch: marinated Cepe mushrooms (now I've finished them off :) + creamy cucumber salad (homemade) + 1 soy yogurt

1 hr walk

Snack: 1 banana + 1 Guatemalan candy + some grapes

Dinner: at a restaurant with 9 friends, to party! For entree, savory petits fours (fried squids, veggies, etc.) and main dish: Ahi tuna steak mi-cuit with mashed potatoes and horseradish.

Got to bed late, but had lots of laughs which gave my abs a workout...a flat tummy without even having exercise. Isn't life beautiful?

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