Monday, April 5, 2010

New York New York with Donald trump and Mike Myers

Here I am in New York... After a 5 am departure, on an empty stomach (well, except for the green tea)... but on board of my favorite airline, Virgin America, I am served a very beautifully balanced breakfast: vegetable terrine + tomato salad with balsamic vinegar + 1 fruit salad and a little bit of granola.

During the flight, I catch up with some refreshing sleep in anticipation for the Dressed to Kilt event... Scottish theme, obviously... so it was a blessing to have my friend Paula help me find the perfect attire, her husband being Scots... Considering my passion for the Highlands, that evening was a pure moment of happiness! 

Lunch: a bag of cashew nuts (that's all there is available on board before landing) and then a fruit salad in the airport.

At the benefit party where Sean Connery presides, 2 petit four and that's all washed down with sparkling water.

30 minutes walk and 15 wall push ups in the bathroom    

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