Tuesday, April 6, 2010

28 degrees C - New York - Coaching - Interviews and great encounters

After a very short night following a really great soiree,  here I am, on site, ready to take on a very busy day!

Still feeling jet-lagged, I leave on an empty stomach (but not without drinking 3 cups of green tea) the first appointment is with my agent in NY. 30 minutes walk on an empty stomach. 

During the meeting I feel the hunger pangs... thank goodness I always have a raw snack bar with me!

30 minutes walk on the way to my next meeting with  a New York Times journalist... delightful! We lunch together with Steve my east coast publicist who is pampers me! On the menu: I ignore the bread and butter that is offered, as always, in American restaurants and order a lobster burger and eat half of the bread + salad. No pudding here, even the most pleasant interviews don't last that long :)

On the way out I swing by a Starbucks to pick up a Rooibos tea and a fruit salad. 

Another 30 minutes walk to the next meeting of which I will tell you more later.

The temperature is a good 83 degrees, heavy with humidity... it feels quite tropical!

Back at the hotel to collect my son and we're off to Central Park for a relaxing 2 hour stroll.

We have earned our New Yorker's treat: a hot dog, of course, but I still won't eat the soggy white bread, so it is sausage and a small packet of crisps for me. 

Dinner in a really nice restaurant with my American editor to discuss my new book launch. The menu is worthy of LeBootCamp: watercress and blood orange salad + scallops on a bed of vegetables + a small piece of bread + hazelnut ice cream for desert. 

100 abs on the carpet + 10 press ups... I am zonked

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