Thursday, April 8, 2010

San francisco Examiner - Coaching - Interviews - Walk - Visits - New York - Heat

It is still hot and humid in the Big Apple, but I shan't complain... some are freezing their tushes off in London :) 

Today were some really fun interviews, great coaching sessions and I get some fabulous news. That's so good, I am moving here! 

100 abs as I get out of bed + my divine yoga sequence, Morning Wake Up Call, to loosen everything up + 50 wall press ups after my shower (whilst the self tan is setting) + 50 Hindu Prayers

We lounge around in bed a little and answer a few emails... and off to Healthy Kitchen, a restaurant that only serves yummy food full of flavor and NOTHING FRIED.

Breakfast/Lunch: an ostrich hamburger on brown bread + 1 small biscotti 

and direction New Jersey for some interviews + a coaching session with Vicky Crafton, one of my New York press agents. 

Back in the sunshine, I must say that Manhattan is magnificent under the sun!

A bit of tourism: a trip at the top of Empire State Building.

2 hours walk + 25th hour throughout the day

A little moment of indulgence at La Maison Du Chocolat where I treat myself to a florentin :)

Dinner: watercress and blood orange salad + 2 olive bread rolls + 1 plate fettucini with lamb ragu... it is a bit much but I just was in the mood for it and I enjoyed it all. Tomorrow I will have to be a bit more reasonable and what's more, it looks like it will be a really big day!

I am in the San Francisco Examiner in an article with the title: Victoria Beckham drinks tea for weight loss

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