Sunday, April 11, 2010

A long week-end vacation "en famille" in New York

I took 2 days off!  Well, just a week-end really. It seems like such a simple thing to do but it is rarely possible, so I enjoy every minute with my loved ones.

I planned a visit to the National History Museum (a favorite of mine), plenty of walking, pit stops in some hidden gems of restaurants and nice encounters.

Lunch with Veronique at Felix on Saturday. She is in superb form as usual. We enjoy a classic "moule frites" (steamed mussels and potato chips). No pudding and 5 hours walk to go from the most southern tip of Manhattan up to MidTown, not without some obligatory cultural and shopping stops on the way.  

For dinner we restored ourselves with some delicious tapas

Sunday was just as active with 4 hours walk, the highlights being our trip to the National History Museum and brunch (that was instead of breakfast and lunch but not more) in a divine raw food restaurant: raw sushis, zucchini spaghettis and lemon cake. 

Dinner on the 48th floor of the Marriott on Broadway (Time Square) just for the sheer pleasure of having a 360 degree view of Manhattan as the restaurant does a complete rotation every hour. The food is very ordinary but the setting is spectacular: mixed platter, 2 bread rolls, and a strawberry + a marshmallow dipped in a chocolate fountain + 1 madeleine and 1 palmito. 

30 minutes walk back to MidTown

On Monday, a little less walk but still a good 3 hours altogether with a brunch in Wall Street at Pret A Manger, I'm a fan. 1 tomato soup + 1/2 roast veg and chicken sandwich + 1 Bunny Detox Soda)

For dinner we go French at Le Bateau Ivre in MidTown: veal liver (good source of iron) + french fries and 2 table spoons of someone else's tarte tatin.

And so finishes a lovely break... It feels so good to have such a week-end!

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