Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mars Raps - New York - 30 degrees C (86 F)- Interviews, visits and a lot of walking!

One has to take the time to live so I plan my day so I can spend the afternoon with my son.

A great night with some Scottish inspiration, thank you Diana Gabaldon!

100 butterfly abs on the hotel room carpet + the Morning Wake up Call yoga sequence that you can find in your LeBootCamp My Private Space area.

15 minutes walk (after my morning green tea), on an empty stomach... and then I go from one meeting to the next, without getting any food (but lots to drink). The jet lag added to the whirlwind pace today means that I just don't have enough of a break to enjoy a meal, and I refuse to eat whilst walking... it will have to wait... and it waits until 1h30 p.m. for my first chance to feed myself! It is even warmer in the City!

2 hours walk

On the menu, in Jimmy Fallon's favorite eaterie: a vegetable sandwich + cheese but I refrain from eating the very mushy very white bread + a small portion fries with ketchup and plenty of water.

1 hour walk in Battery Park

Snack that is in fact lunch as well: 1/2 whole-wheat bread vegetable sandwich from Pret-a-Manger, a great chain that serves really tasty freshly made foods, organic... (calories are indicated on the packaging, because it is compulsory in NY, so that was 260 calories) + 1 apple and a Yoga Detox drink (excellent!)

1 more hour walk (we really burn everything we eat here) and plenty plenty of water to re-hydrate because it is really very hot today.
We go past Wall Street which is under very high security .

And, to finish the day (having accumulated a total of 4 hours walk), we treat ourselves to the movies, I am pleasantly surprised by the film, I was expecting a bit of a turkey but it turns out to be really very funny! during the film, I admit, I had a whole box of chocolates yummuyummyyummy... and absolutely no guilt at all!

A little walk to digest it all and off to bed!

Before turning in: a few stretches to release the upper back + 10 floor press ups + 100 butterfly abs... and now it is really off to bed!

And, at midnight, the jet-lag kicks in and I succumb to a small LunaBar ad 100 calories popchips :( oh well, well burn that tomorrow!

I love this rap artist Mars Rap... finally rap that doesn't brutalize women

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