Monday, April 19, 2010

LeBootCamp recipes in Food & Wine

What a start to the week!

LeBootCamp recipes are featured in the popular Food & Wine magazine. No less than four glossy pages with some of our delicious chicken recipes.

I'll leave the rest for tomorrow :)

Got up early…the world belongs to those who rise early, doesn't it?

Freshly squeezed lemon in room-temperature water + 2 cups of roobois tea...well hydrated to start my day!

1.5 hour walk with Nestle to the post office… and of course, during this time had some interviews and debriefing with my media team in New York. Awesome news on the US media front, but I won't give it all away...I'll leave a little for tomorrow :)

Online meeting with my French team to welcome a new intern...very exciting!

Lunch: 1 rice tortilla with salmon and soy cheese + 1 bowl of blackberries

A well-earned nap after all my travels over the past 2 weeks :)

15 min of accumulated walking

A treat with my son in Palo Alto: frozen yogurt with fresh fruit - the pleasure without the guilt (120 calories max!)
10 minute warm-up jog + 20 min bodybuilding

I work on my next book...and before I know it, evening has arrived :)

Dinner with my family: carrot salad + another rice tortilla like at lunch because I'm addicted ;) + 1 pink grapefruit + 1 orange

Quiet reading with my family to finish the day peacefully without noisy images on the TV...

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