Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One day of relaxation!

Experiencing full on jet-lag , so I take care of myself today :)

I wake up a little later because of the 9 hr time difference, but at least switching to this timezone is much easier ;)

Upon rising: lemon juice in room-temperature water + sobacha (buckwheat infusion) +a handful of nuts/dried fruit mix + 1 banana + 1 peach

30 min yoga + 1 hr massage to relax my muscles and rejuvenate my body after all those hours of travel.

1 hr of biking all on the telephone because after 3 weeks of vacation I have tons of things to catch up on!

Raw lunch on the go: a handful of nuts/dried fruit mix + 1 banana + 1 coconut milk yogurt

A small walk
100 abs on my ab lounge

Snack: 3 thin slices of pastrami

Dinner: Corsican green beans made by papa (yum!) + 1/2 chicken sausage + 1 grapefruit and 1 handful of cherries

To bed early!

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