Monday, July 5, 2010

Day Boyz Training

Early wake-up due to a very early yoga class (well 7am to be precise, but it is early for a weekend)

Lemon juice + sobacha before 1 hr of yoga where we focus on headstands - a great way to build up crazy energy!

Breakfast: 1 baby raw bar + 1 apple + some cherries...I keep breakfast light because lunch promises to be very intense (a barbecue which is expected to go on for about 7 hours)

Then training of "Da Boyz" in the woods:
1 hr of intense running, sprinting, walking, abs, etc...tiring but great! Da Boyz worked very well, congrats!

Lunch/Dinner - starts early and ends late so just one long extended meal:
root chips + some dips like humus and cashew salad....some grilled grilled potatoes....fresh vegetable bread nor cheese or wine...I stay in control ;) because then dessert comes: red fruits terrine (yum!!) and apple tart - wow!

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