Saturday, July 3, 2010

Argentina - Germany Match

Breakfast: Juice of 1 lemon + 1 sobacha
a homemade buckwheat pancake + 1 orange

Superb match between Argentina & Germany...Argentina got smashed!!!

1 hr of Fartlek in the marsh
200 abs on my ab lounge
30 push-ups

Lunch: 2 artichokes with soyonnaise + green salad + pineapple carpaccio and 1 Red Mango frozen yogurt (yum, yum)

Beautiful nap, it did me's hot...I read and relaxed

Snack: 2 mochis (2 little Japanese ice cream treats, which contain just 220 calories to be exact)

Dinner and fireworks: on the menu,
various salads, 1 grilled sausage, a little tomato/mozarella and for dessert I let myself go on a few Northern African pastries

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