Monday, July 27, 2009

38km + Rant about fat prejudice

Life is beautiful... sometimes you don't need much to have that outlook... and email, a call, a pleasant remark, a smile in the street, a compliment, some good news you did not expect any more, in short , a little detail can shoo the clouds away and let the sunshine return at light speed :)

Following an incident in the Paris suburb train, I wrote a little piece on how fuller figured women are often treated... you can read it here: newsletter LeBootCamp

Up with the first light... there are days like that :)

Fauchon the d'ete tea

40 minutes yoga

Breakfast: 1 small portion courgettes/onions + 1 slice sprouted seed bread (German bread) toasted with bruschetta + 25 grams Costa Rican caramel milk jam (I've hardly got any left, I need to plan another trip to replenish the stocks!).... yumyumyumy

30 minutes walk
50 leg balancers on each side

Lunch: a glorious enoormous green salad with plenty of good things in it: alfalfa sprouts, grilled peanuts, slightly grilled tuna, etc... all washed down with lovely rooibos tea.

38km cycling (yes you read right!) with tour de France hills... a little flavour of Mont Ventoux!
I come back with wobbly legs but proud to have pushed out of my comfort zone... you can see a map of my journey above... to see it in larger format just click on it :)

Well deserved snack: 1 smoothie: 1 banana + almond milk + frozen strawberries + 1 tbs mango ice cream

Dinner after a long jakuzzi to relax my very strained muscles: spinach leaves with feta cheese (with ketchup) all in front of a nice movie... that feels good!
The Ugly Truth is a great film... probably thanks to Gerard Butler still donning his "Indiana Jones air" :) - I do recommend this film wholeheartedly. The end is a bit predictable, the nice girl who is looking for the perfect man of her life (the one who is handsome, rich, kind, intelligent, has time for her, has eyes only for her, dresses well,...) falls in love with the bad boy who is meant to only be interested in getting laid but turns out to be starry-eyed himself and we like it... etc... we know that of course, but that is the power of the chickflick, to confirm that prince charming does exist :)

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