Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th July - We celebrate! in Gold Country

Well, not quite... rather than fan a giant BBQ and gorge ourselves with burgers all day dressed in blue, white and red, we all (including Nestle, our dog) set off for the Gold Country, more precisely to Nevada city.

No time to empty my heavy suitcases brought back yesterday from my European trip. I quickly packed another one, its quicker and much easier... I'll deal with all the rest on my return!

40 minutes passive muscle toning and 200 butt squeezes in the car.

Breakfast: green tea + strawberries + japanese biscuits (one of my indulgences) (not to worry, the biscuits are very thin :)

30 minutes walk on an empty stomach in Nevada City, a well preserved gold rush town (in 1849, the famous 49ers, that's where it come from)

Lunch at a terrasse, the only place we can eat with the dog: a chicken chinese salad with a huge bowl of green tea
(they got it all right with portions around here!)

1 hour walk in Nevada city and then Grass valley... in early 1849, there wasn't anything at all in this place... and within a few weeks, thousands of gold miners swooped down on these mountains where the summer heat is unbearable... many fortunes were made and many hard times too.

no snack
30 minutes walk
Diner at Grass valley with live music: barbecued swordfish and huge green salad + 1/2 toffee cheesecake + green tea.

Off to bed coachie!

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