Sunday, July 5, 2009

An active day in Gold Country

The night was short as Nestle assigned himself hotel room security and can't stand anyone passing within 50 yard of the said room :)

Rather awful breakfast served in the hotel: sausages of non-descript content, 2 little bowls of fruit in syrup + 2 slices fruit bread with cream cheese... we are far from everything, so we can't be picky.

Off to Diggins Malakoff Canyon, an amazing man made park, fashioned with the Currier's knife? No! with high pressure water hoses like big Karchers to pulverise

entire mountain sides in order to find gold as fast as possible. We are literally alone in the park... not a sound... we come across bobcats (I thought they were nocturnal?) deers, Californian eagles... and off one of the lanes the old 1850 school that hasn't changed, a prison and a white church (well, a little less white now).

2 hours walk in the blazing sun in 35 degrees C in the shade... a little thought for the 49ers that were all dressed up and their wives in their leather booties and multiple layers of petty coats!

Now we head for Yuba River... a river with water running at swimming pool temperature... a true delight! Picnic on the river bank: one apple, organic (yes I found some even in this remote place) + 1/2 turkey and veg sandwich

Swim + a little walking on the river bank on huge boulders

No snack

Diner: 1 strawberry/apple smoothie + grilled bison steak with caramelised onions + steamed broccoli + soyonnaise/olive oil + a few cherries

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