Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am all muscle stiffness :)

Oh dear, I surpassed myself yesterday... 38km with hellish hills... and all with a bike tht weights a ton (at least)...

painful awakening... my entire body is stiff... that shows which muscles I don't use enough and were called upon to clim those "le tour" hills!

I decide I will take it easy today to rest the "beast"

10 minutes walk on an empty stomach, that's it... what was I thinking... not to mention my male escort who decides to "get me moving" against my will!

Breakfast: a strawberry/banana smoothie with almond milk

1h15 hike in a canyon in the baking sun just before lunch, that qualifies as "on an empty stomach"

Lunch: a portion micuit tuna, green salad with raspberry/gorgonzola dressing (rather good combination) and huge big fries...
I lunched in Redwood city where the center looks like that by night :)

No snack of course, lunch was very late in the afternoon

1 km swim
Well, for a rest day, I've done quite a bit

Dinner: chicken fillet in mexican marinade + peas and tomato casserole and for desert, my indulgent 25g dulche de leche toffee... from Costa Rica, that was my last piece... I have to go back and get some :)

I progress in my reading about the birth of eugenics in the USA... this movement has really grown "thanks" to the descendants of Darwin... these ideas inspired the Nazis to create their racial "purification" program. An edifying topic not studied enough at school... not to say not at all.

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