Sunday, July 12, 2009

I must be attracting them

I am referring to snakes, poisonous this time!

A typical Californian day, very sunny!

Up at dawn despite a short night... Fauchon tea (yes, I can even buy some here;) followed by an anti-aging breakfast (as you will find on English version imminent... keep your eyes peeled) : smoked salmon + a large bowl blueberries and strawberries + 5 Brazil nuts... TLC for your taste buds as well as your skin

5 km brisk walk in a canyon with only 300ml water... I hadn't counted on such heat! I walk on an empty stomach before lunch, of course, as I started at midday! So, as I turn a corner I hear tstststststst, I have disturbed a large rattle snake... its color is quite unusual, one I hadn't encountered before, nearly green! Now, those are deadly, I don't linger!

Lunch to Bollywood tunes (thanks to street festivals): babyleaf/feta salad + a roast vegetables and gruyere vegetarian sandwich.... delicious! I take the opportunity to try a a drink I have heard much about lately, Venga, a calorie burner, so they say... I am very sceptical but the taste isn't bad, at worse, I am only hydrating myself!

No snack because lunch was late.

1.25 km swim (all different styles not to get bored, I get bored easily)

Dinner: 1/4 roast chicken with the skin (yes, it is the tastiest part, I wouldn't deny myself the pleasure!) + plenty of baby leaf salad + 2 nectarines

40 minutes passive muscle toning

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