Monday, July 6, 2009

My most sporty day of the decade :)

Well, kind of...

Up early because of the jetlag...

40 minutes passive muscle toning

Breakfast: 1 handful brazil nuts, a great source of selenium + 1 banana + 2 handfuls cherries

1 hour walk on the telephone
1 hour cycling on an empty stomach (before lunch)

Lunch: a vegetarian steak + 1 pupusa (a guatemalan corn/cheese flat bread) + 3 huge handsful cherries + 3 Calisson d'Aix (a provencal sugar coated marzipan delicacy)

Little recovery nap

1h15 walk on the telephone

Snack: 1 apple and 3 Calissons

15 minutes walk and 1hour full on spinning... a crazy class... compared to that, the Tour de France is a ride in the park! We finish exhausted but proud and most certainly lighter... you can almost see the melting of the overworked haunches.

Diner: a small turnip soup + 1/2 slice wholemeal bread + a huge mixed salad with fat free vinaigrette (a new recipe I am testing and is, for once, a tasty "light" option): roquette, sprouts + anchovies + slightly seared tuna + pear... and to finish a Calisson for a bit of sweetness.

This was a Calisson d'Aix and a sporty day :) What a great mix!
PS: if you want to get hold of this delightful Provencal treat outside of France go to the Bien Manger website.

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