Friday, July 3, 2009

California after a big fright on the plane and 2 hours in the cockpit :)

No post on this Blog for a long week for many reasons: a schedule packed more than ever with shoots that lasted 12 hours solid, back to back meetings all more important than the other... and the abscence of WiFi in my favorite hotel where it has taken days to get it up and running again.

My trip to Paris was "olympic" :) but full of great things for LeBootCamp!

After a false start from Charles De Gaulle airport (a leak in the hydraulic system -whatever that means- followed by an engine failure - I know what that means - and other little technical treats) we finally left with a 24h delay.

Now I am ready to celebrate the 4th July! What I will take home from this adventure is the pilots' 2 hour invitation to the cockpit... the crew was fantastic and took great care of us. That is more than I can say about the ground personnel, who were totally clueless about how to handle a plane load of distressed and delayed passengers!

Upon awaking, plenty of fluids to replenish my body dehydrated by the flights... green tea, delicious Assam tea, and plenty of water.

40 minutes passive muscle toning

1 hour accumulated walking

It is with joy that I come back to the Californian sun and its palm trees... a little cup white tea at a cafe's terrasse to catch some sun, nothing better to recover from jetlag.

a light diner at... 6pm (yes, I am feeling a bit jetlaged). on the menu: grilled scallops with fresh garlic and roasted asparagus and plenty of strawberries for voila!

off to bed coachie!

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