Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I loved the last Harry Potter :) + Hindu Prayers? whazat?

Darjeeling tea

Boost Breakfast: boost (cucumber, strawberry, apple)+ 1 raw bar and I dash... another mad day lays ahead :)

1 hour elliptical machine with Paula (note that adds up to 540 burnt calories) + 15 minutes muscle toning exercises + 250 m swim

Greek lunch: a vegetarian plate: 4 falafels + a bit of white rice + tomato salad and tsadziki

15 minutes walk

Snack: 1 nectarine + soya yogurt + 25 grams Costa Rican Dolce de leche (I still had some left from my trip there, yummmy!)

Cinema: Harry Potter (wow) 1/3 hamburger + 1 portion sweet potato fries with mango sauce

20 push ups at 45 degree angle
60 Hindu prayers
200 butt squeezes

For Anonymous asking me what the Hindu prayers are, you can find all your answers on the LeBootCamp website here: Hindu prayer

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