Thursday, July 30, 2009

Viva le walk on the telephone - 25th hour gym coaching :)

A great night uninterrupted sleep, it is unusual for me, so I make note of it.

On an empty stomach: lemon juice and Fauchon tea... It is running out... I need another rip to Paris to replenish that!

40 minutes walk on the telephone (yes, I like to get moving first thing in the morning in case I get caught for the rest of the day!)

Breakfast: 3 small gluten and dairy free pancakes... discovered at Trader's Joe... a truly genial recipe + 1 soya yogurt

15 minutes cycling
1km swim
15 minutes cycling
30 minutes cycling

Lunch: 3 sweet potato veggie steaks (really nice!) + sauteed peas in chicken gravy + 1 nectarine

1 hour in the magic hands of Alejandro... which does a world of good... ladies, for those of you who live close by, I do gift my dear Alejandro for birthdays :)
Snack: a handful Brazil nuts + 1 nectarine and a handful strawberries

45 minutes accumulated walk (on the telephone among other things)

Dinner: 1 bison steak + 1 mixed salad (wild rocket + cucumber + tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts) + 1 fruit salad (pineapple, coconut, strawberries)

30 minutes passive muscle toning :)

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