Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fabien, the Duran Duran all to myself (nearly), Simon, its all good

40 minutes passive muscle toning

1 lemon juice
Breakfast: 10 brazil nuts + 2 peaches + 2 dates

1 hour walk on the telephone

Lunch: 1 pupusa + 1 veg steak + 2 dates + tchai tea

1 little nap before a very important meeting

Wow, what a day!...

A great meeting

Snack 3 handfuls dried fruit (home dried so, guaranteed no sugar added... all together I must be a whole apple and 5 strawberries) + the last 5 Calisson d'Aix :)

Diner on the go at Japan Town before a concert: edamame + 8 eel sushis + plenty of green tea

The concert was great (the music a bit too loud in my opinion and covers Simon's voice) from the VIP lounge, thank you Fabien :).... many emotions during this quite magic moment.

This perfect evening finishes with Simon and the band who join us in the lounge to come and say hi and give us a kiss.

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