Monday, July 20, 2009

Answers to your posts :) + le BootCamp and Valerie Orsoni in BILD

Luciole: yes, it is the Dan Black you mentionned :) - his next album is awesome... I've been listening to it in a loop (mainly 3 tracks that uplift me and give me energy and put a smile on my face)

Anonyme: yes, 6am is rather usual... but is can also be 1am for a lave radio interview in Europe or 5am... well a bit of everything really!

Anonyme 2: for the FBZ... could you give me more information? I might know under another name :) are you referring to fartlek perhaps?

1 liter green tea on an empty stomach + 2 nectarines + 1 handful strawberries + 2 slices smoked salmon

1h30 walk in the canyon with Paula who as great stamina... great pace!

Lunch: 1 slice smoked salmon + 1 vegetarian steak + 1 large portion blueberries + 1 banana

Snack: 2 nectarines + 1 handful strawberries

We are in BILD, the No1 German magazine. You can read the article, if you can read Teuton, by clicking here

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