Friday, July 24, 2009

Answers to anonymous :) + Hindu prayer how do you do it?

For the Anonymous asking me where the hindu prayer is: you can find it in the "My Gym" space on the LeBootCamp website on this page

Breakfast: Green tea and lemon juice on an empty stomach + 1 bowl granola + soya milk

1 hour walk on the telephone

Lunch: a whole bunch of steamed asparagus + soyonnaise + zucchini and onions frichti

refreshing catnap

Many things are happening ----> great ;)

No snack but
40 minutes run listening to Dan Black and Daft Punk + 20 minutes walk
200 floor abs
30 push ups
100 nut crackers

100 gazelle thighs

Dinner: 1 spa wrap: a thin pancake (crepe) full of vegetables + 1 very well presented smart portion of french fries (fried yucca roots and other sweet potatoes, this isn't Mac Donald's)

PS: for anonymous who is writing about the ideal fat burning cardio zone, you are right... so right in fact, that I will put that topic on the menu of my next LeBootCamp newsletter!

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