Thursday, July 9, 2009

Industrious day and cinema (that's also what coaching is about :)

Great day devoted to investors... everything is going well on that front so I am very happy :)

Breakfast: with 1h10 cycling on an empty stomach and many accumulated chores to catch up with... I forgot breakfast!!! That does not happen often to me, the stomach on legs:)

Lunch: a tortilla soup + a dozen corn chips + a small fish taco

15 minutes accumulated walk
200 butt squeezes

A very good, very constructive meeting with a board member... we love when things progress that well :)

Snack: 2 VitaminWater 10 (a flavored water with sweetened with Stevia, a delight for your coach :) OK, I admit it, I finish the afternoon relaxing at the cinema - The Proposal, a nice chick flick for me as love Sandra bullock :)

Dinner: 1 tomato soup (kind of gazpacho) + 1 turkey steak + 1 plum compote (yum) + 2 little cookies (the perfect weightloss coaching dinner:)

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