Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BRUNO... have you seen it? What did you think?

I have a long day ahead of me...

I can't figure pout how the post office works in this country. I send an urgent piece of mail with the priority service to NY on saturday, we are wednesday and it still hasn't arrived... I can't believe it!

on an empty stomach, darjeeling tea + 1 home made boost (apple cucumber and strawberries)

30 minutes run to the sounds Dan black + Katy Perry
15 minutes walk

Breakfast: smoked salmon and blueberries, yum

Lunch: a tiny "bacon avocado"... no, not bacon from pig, its the name of the kind of avo :) very good, nearly wild... superb! + 1 Guatemalan pupusa + 1 vegetarian steak + 1 nectarine

15 minutes walk
15 minutes walk
100 abs

Snack: 1 nectarine + 5 brazil nuts

Dinner: 3 slices smoked salmon + 1 pupusa + 1 nectarine + 25 gr dolce de leche

200 nut crackers
100 leg sweeps on each side (during teeth brushing :)

Lots of meetings today,... but I will tell you more about that at a later date :)

I finish off with BRUNO... this film has had a huge build up here, the trailer was rather fun... the film... certainly not PC, that's for sure :) I'll let you make up your mind about it... I liked 50 % and hated 50% but I won't tell you witch parts they are.

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