Saturday, July 18, 2009


Following this very busy trip...
We are in this week's French ELLE, Sante magazine and Madame Figaro! Yes!

I rise very early as I have a big day ahead of me...
30 minutes walk on an empty stomach on the telephone + 15 minutes dance to the wild tempo of some great tracks

Lots of green tea... I lost 1 kg without even realizing during my frantic trip to NY...

By the way, don't be shy, I see huge traffic on the blog and everyone tells me about it but no one dares to post, please don't hesitate, your comments are welcome :)

1.5 hours cycling at good pace

Lunch: a plate vegetarian mezzes (without the bread)

1.5 hours cycling at good pace smothered in sun cream

No snack... I am dinning very early as we are having a movie night with friends... the last Woody Allen... I am a big fan.

100 butt squeezes + 200 floor abs + 50 push ups at 45 degree angle (men tease me but I can assure you they are very effective) + 60 hindu prayers

Great movie... good old proper woody Allen.
Diner: black tea, mussels and chips.

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