Monday, March 23, 2009

BFM Radio Interview and superb journalistic evening meeting

Breakfast: not hungry because of yesterday's banquet, so 1/2 an apple and I don't strain my system

30 minutes walk

Interview for BFM for a broadcast on the last week-end of March. Really cool column with Philippe Bloch and Arnaud Legal or how to talk about economy and growth with a smile.

Very pleasant lunch with A and some really beautiful projects on the books, but hush... it's a surprise, 3 grilled king prawns + basmati rice and a a fresh fruit salad

1 minute pelvic floor exercises

snack: 1 toffee soya yogurt (yum) and 3 Cereal biscuits

Chase through Paris to arrive on time at Laduree on the Champs Elysees for my evening meeting, aaand I make it with 20 minutes spare, yepee! I can fit in some quick presy shopping for the ones left to hold the fort back home, especially a comic for Eric whom, having not (re) sent me his wish list on time, will have to content himself with the Smurfs in Lithuanian :)
20 minutes walk in high heels (not my fave, but can't be helped) 

A very enjoyable meeting with a journalist at the top, that goes on much longer than planned... so I am late for French team farewell diner before they all head back for sunny south of France.

We officially celebrate Marjorie's being fully on board with the gift of a rather gothic Lalique bracelet that suits her down to a Tee!


Diner at Buffalo Grill: little green salad + buffalo burger, no bun, but with fries, and for pudding a gourmet tea that comes with two stickies that only count for one!

In bed very late, not so good for tomorrow's shoot!! 

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