Saturday, March 7, 2009

UGG or no UGG? History of the controvertial boot

A blissful sunny day complete with blue sky and mild temperatures (20 degrees C on the dial).

Hopefully the return of dry weather will get the better of my sniffles! 

Now, the big debate, if ever there was one is, UGG or not UGG? You must know those famous Australian sheepskin boots of unquestionable quality and comfort that make you a heavy leg and a less than elegant gait.

Between the real UGGs (start price £120 or $200) and the look-alikes (more affordable), hordes of baby elephants have invaded the streets of Los Angeles and the beaches of Santa Monica; yes, the girls actually believe that striding along Malibu beach in minis and UGG boots on nude legs is chic.

Women love their comfort, where as 99,99% of men find these "shoes/boots" absolutely anti-sexy.

If you are on the side of  "I do what I like, I'm loved as I am", I recommend you go all the way and show off your strength of character with the genuine hairy winter UGG boot, un-miss-able :) 

As for me, I have tried myself out with "classic" UGGs and, as a stylist dear to me says, when short, one already has an unfair disadvantage in the leg length area so by wearing huge boots like those, we kiss goodbye to 4 visual inches and weigh down the whole silhouette :)
The good new is that UGG is now designing boots that are more pleasing to the eye but still just as "sheep"-cushion comfortable. I gave in... and I must admit that the comfort is addictive... I even keep them on as slippers!

Ah! but you have noticed that there are some picture where models do look great in UGGs, that's true, but what you must know is that those girls are 5 ft 9 and on top of that, their legs are usually photoshopped to give them 4 extra visual inches (we did our research). 

Now, if you have a baby, you can really go for it because the little fellow model is just a-do-ra-ble!

Breakfast at Starbuck's because I am locked out (non comment): so I have the choice between the big pastries which some geeks would scoff with delight in the morning, and a banana and fresh almonds with dried fruit, the choice is easily made: chai tea + 1 banana + a little bag almonds and dried fruit.

2 min ballerina moves

Lunch: I am absolutely not hungry, surely a desirable effect of having the flu, there has to be an upside! More seriously, the body expresses its needs so, I order nothing but tea... and to be sociable I pinch 3 mouthfuls of a burger to my right and 4 chips on my left.  

Snack: 1 orange (that goes down well) + 4 large handfuls of salted cashew nuts. My body wants fat and salt... I listen to it, it is what I call instinct-therapy, and that's just as well because with a cold, it is best to avoid everything sweet (apart from fruit). 

I drink tea continuously .

100 abs on the killer abs lounge

Back to the UGG saga: in the noughties, despite being invented by surfers to be worn indoors after competitions, the Australian sheepskin boot became trendy, worn even outdoors... the success ever since is undeniable, whether you surf or not

But the story of the UGG boot begins much earlier than that. In 1978, an Australian surfer, exotically called Brian Smith, goes to California for a surf competition with several pairs of UGGs in his luggage. Once part of the Californian surfers' world they became the "it" footwear to warm up after spending several hours in the cold waters of the Pacific ocean. This, was the true beginning of the adventure, of the success rather, of UGG boots (subsequently bought by Decker in 1995).

Diner: snuggled up under my quilt (it sometimes feels really good not to do anything at all... I suspect my body is doing this despite me, to force me to take some rest:) 1 peach soya yogurt + some gluten free cereal I am testing (brand: 18 Rabbits), I confirm, the cereal is delicious!

Evening program dosing around watching Spider Man and Bridget Jones Diary (they still do the trick!)

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