Monday, March 9, 2009

Last day in San Francisco

Mad day Ahead! 

Breakfast: 1 almond milk/hemp seed/frozen pomegranate smoothie 

Dejeuner: chicken/curry/coconut milk soup +250 calories in the form of chocolate, my son split the little slab into two and proudly announced the figures :), reminding me in passing that it will all need to be burned off! 

Nap to recharge between two big meetings. 

a HUGE PIECE OF VERY GOOD NEWS this morning... hey... it just carries on! 

Snack: 1 orange + 3 big handfuls of cashew nuts 

2 min ballerina moves
50 Hindu prayers

Diner in a Vietnamese restaurant : 4 raw spring rolls + peanut sauce + 1 nem + jasmine green tea

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