Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trofemina award finalist and arrival in Paris

Breakfast on AA flight: 1 fruit salad, a green tea, 1 floppy insipid croissant (can't wait for France for that!)

15 min walk
5 min stretching

Arrival in Paris under glowing sunshine and bright blue sky! 

Lunch: vegetable soup+ 2 clementines + 2  slices gluten free bread (quinoa/chestnut/rice)

2h30 accumulated walk throughout the day

Snack: 4 clementines

100 classic abs 
20 floor press ups 
15 min walk

Diner: mixed veg soup + 1 banana

I found out today that I was one of the Trofemina Award's three finalists in the Business Category, how exiting! Still a few more hurdles left to get over, but the simple fact first, to have been chosen, then nominated and then been made finalist is fabulous already... Many thanks to my whole team for your constant efforts, I wouldn't be here without you! Last year, Virginie Calmels from Endemol France, won the Business Award and went on to win the All Categories Award. 

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