Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Carluccio's and back to Paris

Another day basking in the London sun where South Africa comes to us in an unusual way. We continue our LeBootCamp progress and prepare our departure this evening, the Eurostar is wisking us towards some even crazier Parisian days! 

Breakfast: a raw bar + 1 apple + Rooibos tea

I rush to central London for meetings and last present shopping for my abandoned Californians. And I go past the Imperial College that would be a great place for my son, wouldn't it?

1 hour walk

Lunch at Carluccio's on St Christopher's Place: 2 slices calf's liver (good source of hemme iron) with a few roast potatoes. 

back home to finish a few teleconferences and we buckle our suitcases and head for St Pancras International to catch the Eurostar. 

30 min walk

Pre-dinner in the (very beautiful) station as I now know that the dinner platter on the train, although very good, is far too small for my greedy coach appetite: 1 coconut milk spicy Thai soup and a bunch of grapes.

in the train: 1 miniature babyleaf salad, a mini butternut squash stew with rice and precisely 3 grapes and 4 pineapple cubes, won't stuff ourselves!!!

Very late arrival, so straight to bed and tomorrow we are up early for a photo shoot.


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