Sunday, March 8, 2009

GOOP, Gwyneth's new website

Gwyneth Paltrow attracted the wrath of detractors who clearly haven't got much else to do. Indeed, the beautiful actress who is totally into stylish natural lifestyle, decided to share her thoughts and some shopping ideas on a blog: It is her choice.
Of course, most of the items presented are very expensive but I still can't see why her blog should arouse such hatred (jealousy maybe?).

I paid this blog a visit after reading some unbelievably aggressive comments about it. The beautiful Gwyneth even had to defend herself in public on several occasions.  

Verdict : I find it a bit uninspired, it doesn't evoke any joie de vivre or even any natural. It has some nice recipes collected from great restaurants in cities she has visited, clothes she thinks are top fashion, usually designer labels, so yes, the shoes are $500.
But, who is the hypocrite who thought that she dresses at Primark and buys her shoes from Asda? At least she has the guts to show her life as she really is living it and not as her publicist probably would like her to make us believe.
But, more importantly, she does it with pleasure... she had a project and she carries it through. Hats off!

The day starts with a good omen: it is women's day... I am not so sure if I like it... are we an endangered species that needs a commemorative day? The countries where women are mistreated would need more than one specific day, unfortunately those are not celebrating it today.

Still with the flu but I feel that I am coming to the end of this drag, yippee... I will be on form for my live show on Friday, yippee again! 
Not to tempt fate, I stay in bed all day, nearly (I have such a good excuse).

Breakfast: a raw bar smoothie (a new recipe!): 250 ml almond milk + 1 raw snack bar (I chose a coconut one) + 2 handfuls of frozen blackberries and vroom vroom

2 min ballerina moves

Lunch, my appetite is still poor because of my flu. Nevertheless I take part: 1/4 of a Reuben (sauerkraut and pastrami sandwich, my favorite!) + 3 oranges

Snack: 1 snack bar I was sent to test out. Yuck-ee190 calories sure, it isn't much, but the taste and the ingredients... It might be called "after exertion bar", I don't recommend! 

Diner: 1 bowl chicken/tortilla soup+ 3 another oranges + 1 slice of bread

Vicky, Christina, Barcelona on the evening program... excellent Woody Allen even if some aspects strangely remind me a bit of Almodovar

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