Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Partrimoine TV interview

Early rise, to be there for 8h30 at the Paris Stock Exchange for an interview at Patrimoine TV

5 mn yoga 
100 abs
50 wall push ups
15 minutes walk

Patrimoine TV Shoot at 8h45 on the dot. I meet again the beautiful economics journalist, Melodie Szymczak who knows how to ask intelligent questions that make one think :)

Breakfast: 1 raw bar, 1 fruit salad and the juice of 2 oranges + green tea

30 minutes accumulated walk

I move onto some press interviews

Lunch: 1 apple + 1 raw bar as I am not really hungry

And on to some really interesting meetings and especially a live chat on L'Internaute that lasts an hour and is really fun to do.

30 minutes walk 

more green tea!

Diner: an enormous pistou (very provencal) soup + 1 toffee soya yogurt

50 wall push-ups
50 legs lifts on each side

Very bad night sleep, the Pistou did not agree with me at all! ... a bit of tummy flu just before a big meeting, I love it (not)!!!!!!!

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