Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LeBootCamp on France's first TV Channel and film shoot on the 101

TF1 (France's first TV channel) is is screening a feature on LeBootCamp on one of it's prime time programs. Well done Max for giving your all for the joy of the cameras ;)
To see us scrawl to the program's 9th minute (sorry, it's all in French).

2 minutes pelvic floor exercises.

Not much exercise today I am fighting a very bad long-haul cold

breakfast: 1 small portion gluten free granola +1/2 cup pomegranate and probiotic soya milk + lots of pomegranate white tea (I am seriously testing pomegranate)

And I scoot to SF for a lunchtime meeting, so very unusual and very light meal, but I have no choice: creamy mushroom soup with exactly 3 croutons and a bit of grated cheese + 1 banana

then big strategic discussion with Fabrice... wow, September will be global, it's going to be huge!

Film shoot on the 101 looks like that:

Snack: 2 clementines + 1 grapefruit + 1 banana + 10 fresh nuts + 5 dates (yes I am hungry)

30 minutes accumulated walking

50 abs on the ab-lounge

Diner a small portion vegetable soup + 1 grilled mahi-mahi steak + home made cream of sweet pepper and chickpeas rice + 1 clementine

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