Monday, March 16, 2009

I am moving to London, I found the right house!

Sun, 17 degrees here... warmer than Athens today! 

10 min yoga to start the day 

Breakfast: Rooibos tea + 1/2 avocado + 3 black sesame seed wholegrain rice crackers + hummus and babaganush + 1 pear

Many hours on the telephone today that I make beneficial by walking whilst talking. 

2 hours walk - I cross Kensignton Park and Portobello Market, Notting Hill (yes that's where the film with Hugh Grant was made:) I can assure you, he isn't in the neighborhood today, I paced the whole area for 2 hours!

Lunch: 1 tomato soup + 1 plate vegetarian antipasti + 4 little slices white bread + 1 small square butter (useful for measuring to have pre-packed portions) 

Well, I stumble upon a pastry shop that carries my name! Patisserie Valerie... 
how could I resist? I decide to indulge myself and I set my heart on an apple and almond tart. At the first mouthful, I decide that if I am going to treat myself like that, the taste needs to match the level of the "indulgence". So, I wrap my tart up again and go on the hunt for a treat of higher level... 
my steps take me 
to this window... sumptuous cakes, buns and pastries,... I found my Graal of snacks: a little white chocolate cheesecake with pistachios and raspberries... ahhhh, that's good... I consider throwing the first cake away, after all no, I'll go all the way and eat it as well!

3h30 walking to burn all this :) well, not all but a big chunk...

Whilst walking between two telephone interviews, I stumble upon an estate agent... and there, I am presented with the dream house, in Notting Hill, in a quiet street, with a 4000 square foot garden, for the modest price of £4 million :)

I finish my day at Harrods to stock up on some of the famous shop's branded gifts for friends 

Besides all that it was an intense day on the business front... wow... like Carole would say, some days are just great, great, great!

Diner with Selina, Katie and Greg: tomato soup (yes I love it, and it is good for the heart) + green salad with Thai dressing (home made by Selina) + 2 slices of yeast and gluten free bread + 1 tip of a knife of non hydrogenated margarine + 2 slices of organic smoked salmon +some grapes.

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