Saturday, March 21, 2009

Max, Thierry, Eric, Pascal, Sam, what a joy

We start the day in the eye of the cameras of France 5 who are shooting a documentary about the French and their Fitness, we were chosen as the weightloss program for the documentary.

We take a 30 minutes brisk walk under Sam's eye, the cameraman who keeps up despite carrying his backbreaking equipment!
20 45 degrees push ups 
20 triceps dips on a park bench

After that, return to the flat for a raw breakfast tasting so as to start the day on the right foot: raw snack bar, rooibos tea and a very juicy orange.

We make a dash (well, we try to) through Paris in extremely heavy traffic and arrive late for my 11 am conference at the Fitness Trade Show!!! I am really sorry for everyone waiting, but I can't do much against accidents on the peripherique... 

I meet Max, a loyal member of LeBootCamp, she is showing off a glowing skin and a great figure! a genuine example of success.
Lunch with Mum and Super Jack in a Thai restaurant, the service was ch-ar-ming. On the menu, 4 mini fried spring rolls + 2 steamed fish fillets and Chop Suey vegetables.

We brisk walk it back (that makes it another 30min) to the Trade Fair where the afternoon is spent with some brilliant innovators and Thierry Tsagalos, creator of world leading body building, fitness and body conditioning forums

Snack: 1 apple

20 minutes walk
Diner: 1 onion pastilla + 1 very small salmon steak + 1/2 bowl "pistou" soup + 1 vanilla soya yogurt and I don't know what's wrong with me tonight but I crave sugar so there go 6 white Toblerone triangles.

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