Friday, March 20, 2009

First day on the Paris Fitness Trade show

A member of LeBootCamp and her husband who came to visit us.

The excitement is at its highest today as we kick start the Fitness Trade Show with a beautiful bright pink stand, what a joy to see this happy color! We are not on our own as Imineo and Wii Body Coaching are with wit us to promote our new products and services. 

breakfast: 1 raw bar

30 minutes accumulated walking

The day just flies by as I go from interview to interview... and more importantly I meet LeBootCamp members (often with their husbands). 

The entire French LeBootCamp team came to Paris to offer free coaching sessions, free profiles and weightloss assessments. Carole and Selina discuss business development. I meet Pascal, a brilliant entertainer, our MC for tomorrow as it were. 

A lot of men, very body-built up, stride through the trade fair.

Business lunch with a team from a business I can't name to avoid revealing what is coming soon :) But, many thanks for being there to help us propagate serene weightloss coaching
3/4 burger + my fries and those of my lunching neighbour (without feeling guilty for a second of course)

15 min walk 

Diner: 1 carrot soup + 1 hazelnut yogurt + 6 white Toblerone triangles

100 abs
50 wall push ups.  

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