Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello Oprah!

On the go... between 2 flights, between 2 maybe even 3 cities :)

For breakfast I resist to all the very enticing pastries in the airport (they put yummy perfumes in the halls to lure us, croissant scent of course!): Fruit salad+ 21 grams corn flakes  (very precisely, it is written on the packaging) + 1 orange juice + 1 green tea. Quite poor as a breakfast from a glycemic index point of vue, but I just don't have much choice. 

30 min walk

50 leg sweeps on each side

200 butt squeezes

Lunch: 1 chicken noodle soup + 2 apples + Splenda sweetened soda to try and feel less queasy. 

Diner: 2 tomato juices pre-diner drinks + 1 slice smoked salmon/3 shrimps as starter + 1/2 chicken breast in Thai sauce with a little bit of rice (rather over-cooked so I don't scoff it) + 1 bunch of grapes.

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