Friday, March 13, 2009

Fabulous day of broadcasting at M6 Boutique

What a brilliant crew. A superb atmosphere on the sets, everyone is very friendly, one can only feel at ease. We do two great live shows! thank you Christophe, Isabelle, Laurence, Kamel, our inspired chef, Aline, Isabelle2 who saved me from nausea thanks to her killer treatment (in a good way)

breakfast in my dressing room (I am treated like royalty!!): 1 raw snackbar +1 fair-trade organic banana 

I meet Serge Molitor, one of my favorite TV presenters, another picture for my collection. A very sweet man, in life as well as on screen.

First show: 10 am, Laurence and I present exercise equipment I love: Body Leg, Ab Rocket and other green tea and mate extracts.

We treat ourselves at lunch time with beautifully prepared organic lunch trays: duck breast + pasta salad with Shitaake mushrooms + artichoke salad with celeriac. Stupendous desert: toffee quinoa blancmange. I give bread and cheese a miss because I need to be on the ball with all my energy up for the next live show at 2 pm. 

Once the broadcast finished, Carole and I rush to Gare du Nord to catch the Eurostar.

I am still feeling queasy after yesterdays exposure to cigarette smoke so I sip some coca cola, for me, it remains the best remedy in case of nausea!
Very balanced Diner in Eurostar. One can indeed order a vegan meal in advance and at no extra cost. On the menu, tiny portions: corn salad without dressing (as I only find the olive oil vinaigrette at the end of my meal in a corner of my tray) + curry marinated tofu+ wild rice + sauteed spinach+ 1 small portion cherry tart (a doll's size tart portion!) + 1 chocolate square (they must be following LeBootCamp, just with portions divided by 4!).

30 min walk

Arrival in London with welcome party at the station :) A bunch of grapes with Greg and Selina. We put the world of finance to rights around a cup of rooibos tea (and something more "manly" for Greg) at the kitchen table.

Sleepless night until 5 in the morning! Probably a combined effect of jetlag, the day's excitements... and hunger as the size of diner tray in the train did not satisfy an appetite like mine. 

So, at midnight, one banana (that Christophe made me take with me from the dressing room, good thinking, thanks!).

At 4 am I begin to drift off when the birds wake me up! What do they feed them in London to chirp so early???

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