Friday, March 27, 2009

Filming with TF1 - Honours to LeBootCamp

Morning spent shooting a TV report with TF1 after a breakfast under the eye of the cameraman: one raw bar and an apple.
Really cool shoot, you can check out the results of our exertions in a coming post called "LeBootCamp on TF1" 
Max, our LeBootCamper witness gives her all and projects a great image of LeBootCamp!

So, plenty of 25th hour exercises, as this is the subject of the report... 3m minutes walk + triceps, abs, leg sweeps, grand plies, and other invisible chairs...

Thereafter, lunch with a delightful and powerful man but hush! I keep his name quiet... we are not a tabloid here. We have: Figatellu (a kind of Corsican dried sausage) risotto with Corsican hard cheese emulsion, an absolute delight that needs neither starter nor desert but just a little glass of Cap Corse muscat to complete it, yes:)

After, I have really important meeting and then, I swing by at my stylist's to pick up a few pieces for a shoot and zoom to my darling photograph's to review and choose the pictures from last photoshoot

Diner at my mum's with whom I delight spending quality time with after those two crazy weeks. She treats us to her home made soup, soyonnaise shrimps, and oven roasted seabass and plenty of fresh fruit. 

 A great day to seal off a Paris and London marathon...

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