Thursday, March 26, 2009

LeBootCamp in the lens of France 5

Rooibos tea to wash away the effects of my sleepless night (caused by tummy flu)

Breakfast: 1 portion Nestle Fitness cereal with nuggets and hazelnuts + 1 toffee soya yogurt

50 leg lifts on each side
50 Hindu prayers

Another day at full throttle but it's all for the greater good

We start our meetings followed by the camera of France 5 that is continuing their LeBootCamp documentary (aired on May 5th 2009) 

Very nice lunch where great baguette cannot be ignored, as the restaurant serves bread made by the 2008 gold medalist backer;
sauteed lamb with caramelised onions with a small portion of fries + 2 pieces of delicious baguette + a fresh mint tea

Then I rush off to a meeting with my investors and hop into bed, a bit late (not too much), need a good sleep because TF1 (France's biggest TV channel) is filming us all of tomorrow morning.

45 minutes accumulated walking throughout the day 

The investors, although we are holding a diner meeting, haven't planned anything to eat other than a few crackers! so, for diner, a few crackers and a soya yogurt... that's the Lindsay Lohan diet = "I don't have the time for a meal and no one is feeding me either". 
Never mind, I'll make up for it tomorrow!

50 leg lifts each side during tooth-brushing

Good night!

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