Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great photo shoot - thank you Mano for making us beautiful

Short night between the previous day full of emotions and the one ahead of us where we have to keep looking fresh for 6 hours in front of Mano's lens. 

5 minutes Yoga to relax and soften the joints.

We rush off on an empty stomach; in the underground car park I bump into a temptress carrying an armful of delicious mini danish pastries she offers me a few to give a touch of humor to the photo shoot. I eat two mini pain au chocolat before we start.
 A photo shoot, even in the best possible conditions, is exhausting... I never would have thought that previously but by now I know better. 
Thanks to Brigitte, a stylist who does a great job, Clotilde, a genuinely talented make-up artist and Mano our darling photographer, the spirits are high and we feel beautiful (I am not alone hence the plural).

At 2h57 pm, we wrap up and rush off with Selina and Mano to try and catch lunch in the only restaurant that will still serve us this late, we make it just before they close the kitchen: we each get a mixed salad with lettuce, 4 thin slices Parma ham, mushrooms and croutons, for desert I eat a chocolate cake and 2 chocolate coated marshmallow bears.   

30 min walk 

Snack: 1 apple and some orchid tea 

Late meeting at 7 pm: a seasoned tomato juice

Diner: 1 ready made soup + 1 hazelnut milk yogurt. 

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